Core Values

Lots of companies hang core values on the wall. At Jacquin & Sons, we live them.

Honesty and Integrity. We deal honestly and fairly. Integrity and adoption of a high ethical standard of conduct are crucial in dealing with clients, designers, subcontractors, vendors and each other.

Respect for People. We value relationships. We strive for a friendly, cooperative, informal and safe workplace where trust, openness and respect for individuals are a matter of course.

Performance with Absolute Reliability. We aim to be the best in our various businesses and in the markets we serve. We achieve this by solving clients’ problems and meeting their needs through superior performance with absolute reliability.

Handed down from generation to generation, these values reach beyond the present, reflecting our past and traditions, while guiding us toward the future. By definition they remain constant through the decades and the centuries. Regardless of our direction, expansion or growth, they stand in testament to the endurance, integrity and success of Jacquin & Sons.

When you choose Jacquin & Sons as a contractor or partner, you benefit from the proud tradition of a company that believes in and operates according to long enduring values.